The 5 Functions of a Church

The five functions of a church include:

1) Discipleship

2) Evangelism

3) Fellowship

4) Service

5) Worship

Each one is vital to the health of a church. If you practice one more heavily than the others than it hurts the church. If you try to balance out all functions and practice them evenly there is a better chance for growth and healthy ministry. But most churches and ministries are really good at practicing discipleship, fellowship, and worship. The two hardest areas to practice rountinely is service and evangelism. Not many of us intentionally seek ways to minister and serve one another. Our time and energy is valuable to us, but if we are going to grow as a youth ministry and as a church then we need to commit to practicing these 5 functions daily especially evangelism. We as a church body need to connect (fellowship), grow (evangelism), honor (worship), discover (discipleship), and reach (service).

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